Canada Music Fund topped up for two years

Canadian Heritage took the opportunity to announce a $32 million two-year funding bump for the Canada Music Fund at the Juno Awards in Halifax this past weekend. 

The Fund which is distributed through The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings, or FACTOR (English), and Fondation Musicaction (French), provides funding to qualifying Canadian and Ottawa-Gatineau music organizations, labels, and artists through a range of programs including the 2021 post-pandemic Emergency Support for Canada’s Live Music Sector. 

However, the funding increase comes in under the amount requested by a range of industry associations that were seeking longer term support and more funds in the face of dwindling broadcast revenue funding. 

FACTOR provided funding for Canadian Independent Music Association, who received nearly $2m across fiscal 2021-23, and Musication gave ADISQ, its French-lanugage counterpart in Quebec, nearly $1m in program and project funding in 2022-24. The Fund also provides funding to Canada’s largest music companies, such as Vancouver’s Nettwerk Music Group Inc. and 604 Records (who received nearly $1.5m combined in 2023).  

Here in the National Capital Region, Ottawa Music Industry Coalition received $10,000 in project funds in 2021, while local event company Spectrasonic received $65,000 in emergency support funds and $70,000 in live concert support in 2021, and $105,000 in concert promoter funds in 2022. Gatineau’s Riverside Festival received $40,000 in event funding in 2022-23 while Escapade received $30,000 in Festival Reopening funds. 

A Tribe Called Red Inc. received $43,000 in 2021, $37,000 for emergency support and approx. $35 for 2022 live performance funds and nearly $10K in 2023 for Halluci Nation projects. Kathleen Edwards’ Potty Mouth Productions received $15,000 in emergency support funds in 2021, and approximately $28,000 in live performance funds in 2022.

Local label Kelp Records received $25,000 in emergency support and an addition combined project funding $16,000 in 2021 and 2022, and approx. $28,500 in envelope funding in 2023. 

In local artist development, Ottawa’s Night Lovell received almost $45,000 in artist and video development funds in 2021-22. 2024 Juno Breakthrough Artist TALK received $20,000 in performance funds in 2022 and 2023, respectively, while folk group Moonfruits received $25K in album funds in 2021.