Music to mourn to

Not every song is meant to be the driving force of your personal productivity, turn out the Friday night rager, or underpin the coming of age moment. Some songs are meant to be consumed solo, with headphones, or on a long solo drive. Indeed, for us gentle reader, these are the tracks we not so secretly pine for.

Ottawa Music Industry Coalition Best Production and Arrangements Nominee Ken Yates' Consolation Prize is one of those tracks that feels like a Sunday morning coming down. Indeed, it lyrically accepts its position as an also-ran and it is there we find its brilliance. Softly, against a steady kick/snare/shaker and rollicking guitar, London, Ontario's Yates explores not getting the girl.

The Jim Bryson-produced track features harmonies from Katie Pruitt (Rounder Records) and a resounding peace with not chasing, not forcing, not winning. In doing so Yates and Bryson create a track rife with acceptance and by doing so win the silver medal, which is always the gold we're searching for on lazy afternoons, mournful evenings, and solo winter drives.