New Culture Plan expected in 2026

When Ottawa Music Industry Coalition hosted its Annual General Meeting this week, it was noted that a new strategic roadmap has been defined with work ongoing to prepare plans for a future-looking strategy targeted for adoption in Q2 2026 ahead of municipal elections.

That timeline lines up with the City's planned release for a new Cultural Plan to update the current plan which expired in 2018 and remains rooted in amalgamation-era references. Recreation, Cultural and Facility Services will begin internal engagement on the formulation of plan this summer, with public consultation due in fall.

Reporting on the progress off the previous 2013-2018 Cultural Plan cites that more than 75% of the targeted outcomes have been completed, are underway, or have been folded into other project areas. The specific requested update on the plan is set to be tabled at the upcoming Community Services Committee meeting on April 23.

The previous plan set out four priorities for the six-year period it covered:

1. Celebrate Ottawa’s Unique Cultural Identity and Build Access to Culture for All
2. Preserve and Develop Cultural and Creative Places and Spaces
3. Get the Word out about Ottawa’s Vibrant Local Culture and Unique Identity
4. Invest in Local Culture and Build Cultural Leadership

Under these priorities, OMIC received its initial funding envelope and subsequently has received in $100,000 annual funding, which rose to $200,000 in annual funding through fiscal 2025-26 in its most recent funding arrangement with the City.