Stems... is for the kids

AKAI Professional has released the long-rumoured and promoted Stems feature in its MPC 2 software. The feature allows producers to pull a sample into MPC Software and separate out the bass, drums, vocals, and music from an audio track. A similar feature was released in Serato a number of years ago allowing live DJs to solo drums, vocals, or any other combination of the stems in the live format.

Curiously, the promotional materials, some of which feature Toronto's Marco Polo (Duck Down, Fat Beats, Rawkus), feature hardware usage (specifically MPC's Key 37) of the Stems features which were long rumoured, but, as of now are not available except in controller mode.

Reviews are mixed, with the promo material and the first YouTube test-drives varying widely. For the most part, the stems feature seems to be as effective as the Serato version which leaves the feature wanting. For all the promo that the stems will allow anyone to cut any section of any song, regardless of whether the drum or vocal chop is clean in the mix, that is not what's being experienced in the real world at present.