You have offended my honour...

Any creative will tell you that sometimes inspiration is carried in the wind. Songs, writing passages, design aesthetic can come in what seems a fever dream. For Robert Lyon, er... High Waters' Derek Connolly, the voice came to him 13 June, 1833 in the town of Perth, Ontario. The dastardly John Wilson (drummer Matt Speedy) took advantage of the voice in the wind that Lyon heard as they duelled over the reputation of their beloved Elizabeth Hughes. Sadly, for Lyon, er... Connolly, the voice called him away.

In their Ottawa Music Industry Coalition Video of the Year nominated effort for Strange Love off their Not Dead Not Alive EP, High Waters return to the scene of the final fatal duel in Ontario's history; Perth, Ontario. The scenic venue provides a backdrop for Connolly's reborn Lyon character to experience contemporary Perth as he struggles to come to terms with his distracted death.

Underpinned by a whirling synth, the soaring chorus of Strange Love is offset by a bouncing baseline through the verses and lifted by atmospheric plinky pre-chorus keys. The video provides a clever play on Connolly's lyrics prefacing an amusing scene where Lyon is spooked by a modern portrait attempt as the bridge foreshadows "If only I could run from you, but there's no easy avenue..."

The video's epilogue depicts Connolly's Lyon being visited by a distant relative of his duel-accompanying-love-interest who hands Lyon a flower to place at this grave where she has visited her neighbouring mother's grave.